VIMW ever again?

Does anyone think there’s going to be another North Shore or Vancouver Muni weekend in the next year or two? I talked to Kris about it at Moab 2004, and he said one of the problems is lack of beginner trails. I think it’s important to accomidate beginners, but it seems a shame that the best trails on the continent don’t get ridden. is it possible to do a sort of a mini muni weekend of a sort, or do what the early weekends did with seperate beginner and advanced rides?

Part of this is simply that I really want to ride the north shore, but i won’t get a chance without there being a Muni Weekend of sorts there.

I am sure if you got enough riders together we could have one. I would more than likely be able to go.

Even if you didn’t get enough riders, you could still have one with some people… right?

If the worry is the lack of beginner trails, then I’d suggest someone that’s local and far from beginner appoint themselves organizer, then immediately take it underground. Black Ops. No publicity, no announcements…just a PM “tap” to those better riders that the organizers feel can handle the terrain (and that they also feel would be reasonably interesting to have around).

Only trick is to keep it off the fora, so you don’t get a bunch of folks stirred up about an event they’re not really invited to.

VI Stealth Muni Weekend, 2005

Re: VIMW ever again?

As far as I know there doesn’t have to be an ‘official’ muni weekend for people to visit Vancouver :slight_smile: … given enough warning of when you’d arrive (and assuming you’d be here over a weekend) I’m sure we could get at least a few people out for a ride.

Of course if you are coming up and really want something organized it would be best if Harper did it, as he will attest Canadians are hopeless at making decisions :stuck_out_tongue: