Videos from the BC 2006 / Bavaria / Germany

I cut and upload some stuff from the first open Bavarian Unicycle Championship which happened at the 29/30 of April 2006.
You will find the Videos on in the “Bayern Cup” Folder. There is a cut from the race day and also from the Trial and some of the Shows. The rest of the Shows will be online soon.
I hope you have some fun.

nicely done. I like sunday’s trials fun, like hopping down the steps (no uni)

thanks for compliments.

Yeah, I also like the no wheel step stunts :slight_smile: maybe I will make a little special cause I had a lot of Material from that hopping session.

I upload 4 freestyle Videos from the BC’s Saturday night Show. 2 solo and two group shows.

I started watching those vids a few days ago. I was gonna mention them here but i figured you would. I loved them, all of them. and i liked the one thats right below the Bayern Cup folder but I cant spell it.

cool videos