Video: Yard Unicycling

Me and my brother Bryan made a short unicycle video the other day for your enjoyment. All of the riding is at our house, the video has trials, street (sorta), and a littel freestyle.

I hope you enjoy it.

2:20 8.70 Mb

please tell me you use that halfpipe for more then just unicycling? cool vid yo


That was super cool!

Nice still-stand

and your brother kicks waaay too much butt for his own good.

that’s a pretty nice movie. Next person to name song, band, and origin wins something.

( I love it!)

great video

That video was totally radical! I’ve watched it three (3) times now. Those still stands were very impresive.


nice video bad song

Hey, that was a very rockin video, it was very sweet, liked that weird delayed uni spin


Kewl Video!!! How old is your brother??? And how long has he been riding???

fool. You do not know of the glory that is that band/song.

We both started to learn to uni when we were in 3rd grade. He is 11 and in 6th grade and am 15 in 10th grade now. But we only started riding trials, muni Ext. 9 months ago.

I built the half pipe for my brother to skateboard on, he is even better at that than unicycling.

My longest still-stance is about 45 seconds, but that would get boring pretty quickly.

Fuego-“fool. You do not know of the glory that is that band/song.”
You tell him! :smiley: In the video I am wearing a Masrhy shirt, my brother is wearig a Limozeen T also note my coach z t-shirt in my avatar.

just because a band is gloryus dose not mean that they are good for instance nervana everyone thinks there so good but when you lisen to there songs they suck

maybe in your opinion… but you can’t make such a definite statement that applies to everyone. because I for one really do think Nirvana is very good. their lyrics are simply amazing.
but anyway, that’s not what this thread is about, SOOO… very awesome movie. I loved that one crank stall trick, where you spun the wheel backwards, that was really really cool. you’re very talented riders.

your rite that was a great video i wana go try that crank stall spin trick very nice video

Thats limozeen right?

It’s called… “Because, it’s midnight,” I believe.

WTF ARE YOU THINKING LITTLE CHILD? :angry: :angry: :angry:

GREAT video didnt hear the music,ill watch again later w/ sound,gotta try those awsome crankstall/footwheel spin thingys,that was great.

Im gonna watch it again now.:slight_smile:

I liked the viddy… nice moves! I’m still trying to figure out what that crank stall / wheel kick thingy is… looks cool.

The stillstand reminded me of… who’s that one rider… who does those stands on skinnies… Kris Holm!?! You guys should have a stand-off!

Oh, BTW, unicyclepa, get a clue. If Nirvana sucked then why were they one of the first “alternative” bands to be put into heavy rotation on pop music stations across the country? Kurdt Cobain is the Godfather of grunge rock, the inspiration of many bands you probably worship.

If anything sucks, it’s your attitude, kid… go find a copy of the album “Nevermind” and give it a few listens… or “Bleach,” if you can’t bang your head to that one then you’ve got a real problem. I mean, you can practically hear the Beatles playing backup on that album. (Listen to “Twist and Shout” then listen to “Blew”… a simple chord progression, an infectious, driving bass line, the wailing vocals, the nearly identical drum beat, it’s all there) And if you think the Beatles suck, well then you shouldn’t be listening to music.