[Video] Windy Augsburg Session

Yesterday Johann3s, Isi and I were riding a bit in Augsburg.
We filmed only some things and took very much photos.

Here a little video:
I hope you will enjoy it!


(Comments are appreciated)

Photos can be watched here:



very good video! the pedal stall to crankflip over the rail was so stylish :sunglasses:

awww, you broke that poor little fence : P what the heck was that thing there for anyway? the wooden one that is. . .

the rolling hop up the stairs is BEAST! xD nice.

Wow, sick!! So close to that railride and bluntslide, man! Keep it up.

You guys are sick. The blunt would have been awesome. And I’ll have to steal that double over the rail

hey guys thank you for the comments :slight_smile:

@ eli: i hurted my left foot at the handrail, and i cannot ride for some days/weeks, like you :angry:

@ chris: do the double :smiley: fulloutflip would be awesome, I’m dreaming of it :roll_eyes:

youtube link:


utv link coming soon!

Good to see 3s riding again. I liked they trey down the stairs and the pedal grab to crankflip the most.

What??? That sucks, dude. You were so close too…