Video Tutorial: Learning to Hop for the beginner

Seems like such a simple thing, but many beginners have questions about how to do it. So I made a little tutorial. I hope it helps some people.

Have a good one,
-Dane :slight_smile:

Thanks for that Dane. It covered some points that I have been wondering about. I’ll have to drop the seat if I seriously want to learn :slight_smile: The business of keeping the legs bent was well shown and explained too.

Thanks again.


Thanks a lot Dane, I just started learning how to hop, now all the questions on my head were answered and very well explained. I already lowered my seat this morning by 1 inch so, I need to check it again.

Excellent Dane - really well explained - particularly about hopping in order to keep your balance not hopping for the sake of it. Do some more.

Thanks! Maybe I’ll do a beginner muni one next!

Thanks Dane - very succinct and helpful.
Looking forward to the next one.


its cool dude !!

nice vid dane helpfull i would like to see a muni one

I really hope to do one soon!

looking foward just watched some of your other vids nice to see other people learning gives me hope how many seats have you distroyed

Haha none yet, I’m pretty careful with how I distribute my weight when I land big drops (I have bad knees so I have to watch out)

Also I am not a super extreme rider yet, and I think the people that break seats the most are big street riders.

When I get the chance next time, I’ll plan out a beginner muni tutorial. And as I learn how to master some other muni skills, I’ll make other mini-tutorials

that would be good in stages dont forget to add the bits you take for granted they are the best tips

Yeah dude, thanks for the advice. I’m able to hop around now because of this video…now for height. For more height, do you pull the saddle forward from under you or do you just tuck higher? And do you recommend people being able to stand on the balls of their feet while sitting on the saddle?

Seat height is all preference, lower seat makes it easier to pull up, but doesn’t make your original jump higher, if that makes sense. And it seems that most high jumpers do it seat in front, but there are some that don’t. I need to work on SIF hops myself.

Will it be easier to free mount with lower seat? I am still have a hard time to static mount but able do some rollback mount instead.

If you already know how to ride with a low seat then I think it is easier to mount with a lower seat. But if you don’t already know how to ride with a low seat, or ride while out-of-saddle, then it will be difficult.

does anyone jump better when standing more on the cranks than on the pedals? Thats how i get better control, but is it a bad habit to start?

Nice tutorial

Purchased my unicycle for Father’s Day. First time riding in about 23 years. Used to jump off curbs, etc. Never thought about all these tricks I see on this forum. I’m excited to learn some of these tricks. Thanks for making a good video.

Thanks for this video. Very clear. Well done! I’m looking forward to mastering the hop! (if i was 40 years younger hopping wouldn’t be a mystery…)

thanks for finding it Row. I can hop for balance but wasn’t doing it properly… never lowered the seat. Now I know why I have troubles with steps.