Video to Koxx-one

This is my final video for koxx-one’s video competion… I’ve made 4 videos but i choose this one (if i’m having time enough I’ll upload the rest of the videos…) :smiley:

Woah dude the uni bounce to jump mount was sick! Lots of nice creative stuff. I hope you upload the other 3. :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley: I will probably upload them…!

:smiley: do you know that the contest is allready over ?

Holy crap that thing at :45 is sick.

the last trick is very cool!

there is a contest ever three months if you read the instructions.

:smiley: yeah i did but then the next one is in 3 months

it says each three months :thinking: im not sure :frowning:

I sented it to Arthur before I posted… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s pretty easy! I tried to learn it without flip, but I thought it was hard not to flip the pedals… so I just did it with a flip on :stuck_out_tongue:

It still looks really cool :slight_smile:

That was a cool little video. Super smooth and creative with the mount off the pallets. Awesome stuff!

I like the bounce mount. Creative