Video: Sunset Beach Trials

Natural trials at Sunset Beach, Vancouver

We had a new rider out: Paul Burrill, who is 13.
He can’t idle yet, but he’s quite good at hopping.

It was Victoria day, with great weather, but followed 2 days of rain, so the logs were a bit slippery.

The flashes of white in the video are supposed to go with the ‘atom bomb’ song.


Nice Vid! They are always filmed very well.

Thanks Surfer! I try to capture the terrain, and the people. Blurbs about riders

Paul - this video is dedicated to Paul, our new guy. He’s amazing for a new rider. He lives near me, so I hope to ride with him lots more.
Jeaninie - one of her last rides… I’m missing her already.
Tynan - suddenly he’s getting all talented?! His secret? carrots.
James - his wife is like 10 months pregnant! He didn’t go for my name suggestion of Kristina, but he’s still riding.
Jon - at the last ride, he mentioned getting a performing job at Granville Island… will be trying to incorporate unicycling and flames into the act.

I actually did more riding than filming. I really enjoyed the rocks and logs.
Normally I get about 20 minutes footage, which edits down to a good 4 minute video, but this time I only filmed 6 minutes. The more I get on film, the better the final video. But when it comes time to edit, I try to make it as short as possible, without loosing something important.


Yeah, cool vid!

Great as usual:D

Off topic: Who rode up the 15 set in your Moab 2006 vid @ 2:13, and the steps looked a little smaller than the usual 6", was it like 4"?

Thanks Emile… nice to hear from Quebec. I think you mean ‘agree’.
Music sets the whole feel of a video. I’d like to explore types of music. People liked when I used african music, and I went to a movie screening of zimbabwe, so would have liked to dig up music from there. But this was just a quick little video, so I went with something tried and true.

Thanks unibuddy. Comments are very welcome… tell me what you like, or not, and I’ll try to incorporate more of the stuff you don’t like :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I don’t know. Hope you enjoyed the video. I made it from the vanuni point of view, so its mostly our group, but the stairs up and down were worth keeping.

Below, Jeanine from Switzerland. She promised her couch she’d not hurt herself, so she did safe and stupid human tricks. She played 5 games the next day and came in #2, so pretty good. This weekend, she plans to do dangerous stuff.

On man am I happy I happened to drop by this thread, that’s one of the best typo’s I’ve seen in a while. I think she promised her coach she wouldn’t hurt her self, but her couch might also have wanted her back in one piece :slight_smile:

(Her soccer team had a tournament the next day, and she’s the goalie)

wow good to see so many new vancouver riders, I really got to get out on a group ride

wow good to see so many new vancouver riders, I really got to get out on a group ride