video of me

a video of me, little simon is the name on page 2.

Thats one of the better movies I have seen. I like the crash part, but really good riding. By the way, what was the lady by the stairs saying?

just a seggestion lots of people have slow comps so maybe you should make the resolution a little smaller :frowning:

i thought the 360 unispin was ill, and i thought the stuff with the pallets was cool.good video.


hehe thanks a lot. She was saying that we couldn’t ride there and the cops was saying the same thing. That we was interrupting and making noise. I just hate them… But I respect them…

Yes I can make a smaller version of it…


Nice message of “peace” in the one… Well done.

yeah, Peace & Love

I liked the video, especially the skinny at the end. Music could be better though…