video killed the rock&roll...

…and apparently MUni is dead too…

no great vid: just had fun riding, filming, and editing.
comments are anyway appreciated!

Hey uni san,

the music is great! I love Emir Kusturica!

Looks like a cool Area for Muni, but it’s too far away from here.
2 or 3 scenes of you would have been good. I mean more than your thumb and your uni…:stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully we will ride together again in the near future! (Maybe GMTW 2010?)

Respect! Those trails are hard to ride on a mtb at least on a uni!

Looks like someone seriously needs a bigger wheel.

muni is so dead that you have to ride a 20.

nice vid

Hey, I got first place in tech muni at NAUCC on my KH trials. :smiley: . But yeah, its not much fun compared to a 24" or bigger.