Video... I think it died.



RIP pedalo thingy:(
id of killed myself on that, expecialy on steps thats cool

those pedalo things are so fun, it’s fun trying crankflips with it haha
great vid :slight_smile:

– bobousse

Crikey your voice is high! :stuck_out_tongue: - the stair ridding was awsome

haha, it’s worse on video (I hope :roll_eyes: )


Haha Jon is awesome.

I ride a pedalo around the store almost every time I go to escape in Saskatoon. It has been ridden so many times and they don’t even try to sell it cause it has such a high MRSP.

They bring it to the bar whenever they have a demo, amazingly nobody has gotten hurt yet but many have spilt their beer.

If they made them bigger then they might actually help people learn to unicycle but I don’t think the little ones help all that much.

a very bad idea but rather entertaining. oh wait i guess that makes it a good idea. thanks for the video

Ha, thanks.


that was so silly:D

Yeah, it was really great.