Video From My Hill

Here is a short movie of the hill that has consumed my thoughts every waking moment this summer. I make it down the hill about once out of six tries now. I actually made it down twice back-to-back this morning while shooting this video, a total of 3 successful attempts this morning.

This is just a follow up to my thread asking for tips for getting down a hill that I posted about a month and a half ago. At that time I had been working on this hill for about a month.

Great! Congrats. That looks like quite a drop-in! Did you ever wipe out bad when not making it?

Thats some nice riding, good effort :slight_smile:

Was there a break on that Uni ?

Thats real smooth on that monster hill! You got some real good camera angles to show the steepness! Thats tough to do. Nice work!


You made that look easy, well done. The very first clip was my favourite…great camera angle for showing steepness. It certainly looks much steeper in the videos than it does in that photo you posted a while back.


Let’s just say I have some sweet yard sale, eating dirt, and face plant footage! There is a brake and I am using it, but it’s not super sticky, just enough to slow the wheel a tad.

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I’m so stoked and having a blast!