video from keaton

heres a really old movie that i would like you people to view. enjoy.

Thats pretty sick.

awsome video

Keaton, this wouldnt happen to be a new username, would it? :stuck_out_tongue:

What is this, your 6th?

Great video, love the style on your flips.


Forgot to ask…How high was that pedal grab…It looked HUGE!!!

nice video and those pedal grabs look huge

nice video!

you have good style

that was pretty sweet dude. do u live by shaun cause think ive seen all those spots in his vids to.

Very cool movie.
I like it allot.
Keep it going.

Peter M

They both live in the same town.


yeah, i live right by shaun. thanks a lot for watching guys. i didnt measure the pedal grab, i didnt care enough. it’s rather high, i know that much

Shan pedal grabbed that same thing… but I like how you revved into it.

you DL it to another site please… my parents blocked myspace :[

Apparently I don’t have the recent version of flash player or whatever. It won’t let me download it either.

Yeah, could you put it somewhere less dodgey than myspace please? I don’t want to f*$k my computer up! Cheers

Rock on!

It sais that you deleted it?!