Video francaise Merci

Hi every one

Here my new vid !


Link here


Awesome! Are you going to FLUCK?

Wow that was really good! I liked the blind hick doubleflip.

nice static flips.

so Fuc*ing good man :smiley: do you have msn ? add me

that was such an awesome video loved all the blind tricks

what makes a trick blind?

blind is doing the trick the opposite spinning direction. So for his blind treyflip,
the 360 unispin part was spun the opposite direction.

Edit: Also great Vid I really liked it

oh ya i forgot to also say good video

Really good vid!!! :astonished: :smiley: :astonished:
I liked everything! The riding, filming, editing, the music. I all rocked!

What was that at 1:52 wheel walk w/ foot on crank varial thing? Never seen it before? :astonished:

wow, that was awesome!

ace vid man! merci for posting it!!:stuck_out_tongue:

great riding and editing:D :wink: :slight_smile:

Nice vid, loved one of those lines you did.

I think you would really benifet from landing those tricks in as fewer hops as possible.

How high was the hop?


that was outstanding.

you obviously havent seen many french videos. just about everyone from france can do them.
anyways awesome vid mate, you have a sick rolling hop.
nice work, i hope you make more vids.

That’s when you do a scary trick with your eyes closed.