video for the brno unidays 2009

hey guys!
here is a new “old” video what we made for the brno unidays 2009 one month before:p

pls drop a comment and enjoy:D

(watch HD)

a new flat video is comming out sooon :sunglasses:

Love your videos!

i love it :wink:

and jackoby understood how to upload videos :stuck_out_tongue:

niiiice loved the 360 side to wrap-walk :wink:

That was a good video. You guys definitely have some style. The flashing got a little old but it’s not as bad as some other videos. You have some neat looking places to ride.

Slight threadjack: Is that orange rim at 0:36 the K1 Undrilled? How does it feel for flip tricks? I currently have a drilled rim and I’m considering switching, but I don’t want to lose all my tricks.

yes it is
and you don’t have to switch it feels like it would be the same :wink:

geils video “burschen”:smiley:

habs zwar schon lang davor gsegen aber egal, da beschte clip isch für mi da 360side to wrap walk;)

und gschnitten ischs vid a guet :roll_eyes:

jaja da franzi unser opfer:o:p;)

hahaha! jo da franzi:D:D:D:D

oba jz hama eam scho lang nimma fertig gmacht…des fehlt ma scho voi xD

i always knew it…you know what the problem was:p

Great video! I wonder if there ANY 40+ year old riders who can ride flat/street/trials at this level, or even anywhere close to it? If so I would sure love to see the video! :o

Some of those combos blew my mind. Keep it up guys :wink:

All of Ludwigs combos were awesome. Finally 360side to rolling wrap. I sure as hell wasn’t gonna do it, but I’ve been waiting for it for a loooong time.

sick the combos are only sick so cool vid


i always thought about it but didn’t had the 360side consistant:p then one evening i had them consistant and i tried like 10min and landed it to wrap walk