Video Files don't go into WMM, how do you guys edit them???

Well I have 2 videos and are on youtube, but I have to convert the MOV files to wmv or avi because it won’t insert on my movie editors. Do your files on your camera save as .MOV? The only thing I can do is convert them with this crap converter that stuffs up some quality.

Get a better converter?

use bink and smacker’s radvid
there are others, but i’ve had all kinds of trouble with all of them except this one.

Well when converting files, it can distort the quality.

radvid does a good job if you have a good codec… and usually there’s one on the computer already


This site is pretty legit:

I use Zilisoft to convert from my canon movie files, then reconvert in WMM to make a good stable file for WMM

I think it’s your camera. You made a mention of getting an HD camera that was on sale a while back, and I happened to see an HD camera on sale as well, so after going out and buying it, I discovered that the quality sucked, and you could not edit the footage unless you convert it, which made it even worse quality. It was only like $120 (USD). I returned it and got a much much better camera, but I wanted to at least try out an HD camera for that price, and found out that it was just as crappy as I expected it to be.

Do you have an Aiptek camera? Thats the one I had, and had the same problem. If that is the camera that you have, then I suggest you return it and get your money back if still possible.

Nah, don’t have that one, but I’m sure I will find some way.

Another cheap and easy converter is Quicktime Pro.

Sometimes if I have a lot of footage, I’ll convert to a highly compressed AVI so that the editting goes faster. Then reconvert to lossless AVI before saving out the final WMV from WMM.

dude, if you want it to happen, download THE FIRST THING ON THIS PAGE and use it. it is a good converter, and it’s free.

OK, I’m very desperate now, I had tried searching for 2.5 hours last night and got nowhere. Now I’m using RAD Video Converter but having problems. It’s the CODEC and COMPRESSION. Pretty much I converted a very short clip from MOV to AVI. The file size absolutely blasted from 4 MB to 440MB!! CRAZY!!!

I think it’s something about the video codec so could you guys suggest something that would help me? I simply want to convert clips with the same quality or higher as it was originally and about the same file sizze NOT 500MB…

dont think that will be possible… but a editor program that accepts .MOV
i use adobe and i have no problems what so ever… when i didn’t have it i had problems converting files like you and problems with the wmm… GET ADOBE PREMIERE PRO! ;D

From experimenting I’ve now got to the stage where I’ve converted a 4 MB file succesfully to AVI but it’s 7MB, if all of the clips are like this the file size will exceed 100MB which is the YouTube file size upload limit…
Rite now I’m using Xvid codec. (NOT DivX but will try)
Can you change the resolution when converting it so that the capacity of the file will be smaller?

4mb to 7mb? not bad. with Vegas, in .AVI my file was 256mb, to .WMV it became 24.5mb… try getting a better editing program…that converts it for you

I will see what I can do… and Emile, I assume by “WMV” you mean Windows Movie Maker? Otherwise it would be Windows Movie Vaker.
But I know WMV is a file type but on RAD video tools, it doesn’t have the option to convert to WMV so I’m just converting to AVI.

Thankyou everyone!:D:D: PROBLEMS RESOLVED :D!!!
Converted a 15MB file to 9 MB and it’s the quality that I have been wanting! =D
I used RAD video tools, didn’t convert audio and change the scale size to make the file size smaller, thx to everyone and I will put my first high quality video on youtube soon! =D =D =D

I use SUPER.