Video -> Erik Doane - RIDE WHAT?

ah. well, still it was bigger than a 20"…

I thought he posted that he landed it… I dunno. maybe, maybe not.

Dang, that’s a sick video. Keep up the good riding man.

Enjoyed the vid Erik… you do look better on the 24!


STOP STOP… you guys are too kind!! (ok, dont really stop haha)

Justin- “HOOK WORM BIATCH”…cool thanks

JL - Sweet, thanks man! You have no idea how i dream of getting back and hitting those trails with you guys…almost sick! I’ll be back at the end of the month (august) wooo! You’ll be hearing from me. :slight_smile:

Fuego- Good point. How could i forget about Tomsey? That guys an animal!

Innes- How nice of you to ask. I’ll be back with my crew in SOuthern California soon. Hopefully we’ll be crankin them out. Its much more fun riding and filming when you got others to do it with!

Eric & Dan- Thanks fellas!!

Immer spass. Sehr gute Arbeit. Ich habe das Kino sehr gern gehabt. Bleib Einrad fahren. Sehr gut zu finden ein einräder dass sehr gut ist, und ich habe ihn nie gewusst dass er da war. (Oder da wie in die welt das gut) Sehr gut!

Ob du hast hotmail, du sollst mit mir sprechen.
Englisch oder Deutsch, macht nichts zu mir. Tschuss

wow, that’s amazing, and you do really make it look easy!