Video -> Erik Doane - RIDE WHAT?

Hey folks.
I made a little video from Goettingen, Germany. I made it half for my pleasure and half for my sponsor, Team Velo-Sport(

It’s got some muni and mostly trials/street. Have a watch.

enjoy! :slight_smile:

                        <a href="">Small Version (17.9MB 4m28s)</a> 

Big Version (63.9MB 4m28s)

bitching video man… very awesome loved the music, great riding and editing, was that crank already cracked or somthing…?


That was awesome!! You make that stuff look easy.

whuhoa, that was an awesome movie!! 'cept I don’t understand how you broke that crank at the end, didn’t look like you did anything hard on it…weird

pretty good

PRetty good I like it just that crank at the end pretty weird… lol is it me or u street with ur muni ?

Super riding and editing!!!

about the crank: Its just that the drop it broke on was the last straw; the huge drop he did before was what weakend to break then.

its all about 24" street riding

that’s an awesome vid

you have some amazing riding skills!!!

i love the look of street on a 24", but some of that stuff you were doing on the 20 was really cool too!

what song was that? i liked it, but i’m afraid the main guitar riff is a TOTAL rip off of the solo from Sublime’s Santeria, not sure if anyone else noticed that
it’s repeated a ton too!

nice vid, nice riding!


i just downloaded it (because i could only watch 2/3 of the non-downloaded one) and the last part is amazing!

those sidehops on a 24?

you’ve gotta be one of the best riders in europe! jeez man!

that’s some wicked awesome stuff!

oooh, now that you mention it, I did!! I didn’t recognize the exact song, but I was sure it was Sublime playing, but then they never started singing, so I wasn’t so sure…

What an amazing movie! You have such a controlled style. Loved the muni and the line towards the end with the seat back rail ride to gap…all on wobbly stuff!

Thanks for showing us, it’s definitely given me something to aim towards.


second that

realy nice video erik !!!

Man, you guys are too kind! holy cow! I dont know what to say. THANK YOU!?

About the crank:
DK is spot on. I guess that was the last straw. A John-Childs-style profile break. Those cranks must be 4 or so years old by now. Theyve put up with alot of abuse. Plus they send me new ones! woo

Aside from the little 311 intro at the beginning, the other two songs were by Sublime. You guys were very perceptive to have picked up on that. I think the first song was Lincoln Highway Dub and the other was a Secret Dub off of some bootleg. I like the way dub stuff (no singing) goes with videos. Check out for lots of legal to download Sublime bootlegs. :slight_smile:

Justin, Colin, Maxis…you guys got it right. 24 for street IS where its at. Justin, ive heard you preaching this for a while now but i finally just figured it out. I think im actually gonna sell my 20 when i get the new crank on the 24. I just really have no more use for the 20. The speed and smooth flow of a 24 have got me hooked. Plus my highest hop was with my 24. The only thing i still like the 20 for are those backwards 180 grinds. But im sure that will come in time on the 24 too. What kind of tire do you like for street, justin?

Es war schön dich in Stuttgart kennengelernt zu haben. Danke für die freundliche Wörter. Bleib cool, Liecht Spätzle.

Thanks for all the nice comments and support!!! :slight_smile:


ich hoffe mal wir sehen uns am nächsten GMTW wieder oder auf der Unicon

P.S: Ich hab Arschweh, Hunger und Durst :smiley:


Nice riding, Mango. There’s a couple new trails up in SB with your name all over them. You’ll tear it up. When you gettin’ back?



Even though I suck, it’s still true. Anybody remember that pic of tomsey doing a huge handrail on a 24"? That’s proof.

i think that was a 26" pal, but still it was sick, i still havent seen the footage of him landing that one

Great video!

The riding was really smooth, and the filming and editing did it proud.

Any more coming in the not too distant future?