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how do i compress my video so it’ll upload to the gallery ( im using adobe premier 6)


Second Video editing question

Where do I find a video editing program, which is free to download, doesn’t take much hard drive space, and has plenty of the features that expensive editing programs have. It would be nice to be able to edit clips and merge them, or rearrange the order and trim out some bits etc. I don’t have my own video capturing device, just wondering if theres any good free editors.

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No, no, no, no, NO!

Ah, now the truth comes out! “Trim out”, say… the UPDs? The failed pedal grabs? What else? Failed mounts? Can you even ride? Come now… get it right the first time! Shoot. Post. That’s what all the truly great unicyclists do. (okay, maybe not. but we do enjoy the bloopers…)

Dave Lowell (uni57)

P.S. - Hope you find your utopian video editing software…

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If you have Windows XP you could try Windows Movie Maker 2 It’s by Microsoft and is a freebie for Windows XP. I haven’t used it. Don’t know if it’s any good. Don’t know what video file formats it supports. Hopefully it supports more than just Windows Media (WMV files).

I’m not aware of any other free video editors for Windows that allow you to do nonlinear style editing. There is VirtualDub but it doesn’t do nonlinear editing. Nonlinear editing is what lets you select clip (or scenes) in a video, rearrange the clips, edit the clips, add transitions, trim out bits, etc. VirtualDub doesn’t do that. VirtualDub is a linear editor. Virtual dub can trim frames from the beginning and end of a video, but cannot do the fancy stuff like rearrange the order of scenes in the video.

There are some freeware projects at for nonlinear video editors for Windows, but they’re not yet ready.

Oh, here is the home page for Windows Movie Maker

Here is a knowledge base article that tells what file formats it will import and export. It will save video to either WMV or AVI. AVI is more portable. Once it’s an AVI you can compress it with DivX or convert it to MPEG-1 using a variety of free AVI 2 MPEG tools.

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I take pride in any impressive looking crashes of mine. Like this:



More usefully…

Premiere can compress your video when exporting it if you have a codec such as DivX installed. Find the Project Settings window and choose the “video” page. There’s an option there to choose a compressor; it’ll probably say “none” but if you change it to (eg.) “DixV 5.0.3 Codec” it’ll encode it in that.

Click the “configure” button next to that to choose how much to actually compress it. My last few were done at 250kbps.

Having said that, Premiere does seem a bit slow to compress stuff. I generally make them uncompressed and then use VirtualDub to do the final compression.