Video competition, PLEASE VOTE!

Hey everyone,

I’ve entered a competition called “Streetmasters”, basically a competition where BMXers, inliners, breakdancers and bike trialers show their skills. I’ve entered the BMX class with unicycling and hope to put unicycling under their attention in a good way. I’d appreciete if everyone on the forums could vote, and promote unicycling in the Netherlands!

I’ve used a lot of old footage, but just wanted to go for the bigger stuff as they’re probably not going to see little technical details.

Cheers and please vote!


P.S. This is for the newsgroup readers, it’s also posted in the movie section

when i click the link it says not found error 404 or something

Url doesn’t work?

Bad link:
Not Found

The requested URL /contest…vid&id=306 was not found on this server.

EDIT: I searched and found this:
It’s also not in English, so I don’t where to vote!

The links not working.

Ah sorry guys, shortened the link so it doesnt work!

This should work though, thanks for taking the time to check it anyway

You simply click a 5 star rating (or what you think the video is worth) and its done