Video: CBC muni

Video of CBC trail muni ride on Mount Seymour

Riding: Jon, James, Ryan, Yggy, Tynan and Frank

CBC is sometimes called the showcase trail of the north shore. Its great!
Upper Seymour just opened… you can tell why… a bit of snow at the top.
The weather was perfect, but the trail treacherous slick from rain the day before.

I hurt myself just enough to not regret the things I didn


wow great vid, I think thats the best muni vid I have seen, normaly they seem to be quite dull, although that maybe because I dont ride it, still very good vid

yeah nice vidio if i end up meeting you guys up there this summer id be cool to do somthing like that (this is Tim Christensen)

where is that?
I wish i had a park like that!

Tim from Moab? Hope to see you this summer. email us at
or if you can’t remember, its for the website with some links.

Thanks! Wait til you see my next one…

Its near Vancouver, BC on Mt Seymour. Here’s a trailmap for CBC:


I greatly enjoyed it as always:D

Ryan took some really nasty looking falls.:frowning: But OK to give it another go :sunglasses: That’s what pads are for!:slight_smile:

Edit: What kind of camera(s) do you use?

The best riders fall down alot. Ryan and James must have done that rock 10 times each. Crazy.

Its just a little Canon 700 IS. Its quite good for muni because its optical stabilized, which lets me get less blurry shots in the dark forest and shooting while moving.
The one drawback is that it uses motion jpeg which created huge files… I’m often getting more than 2 GB of footage.

Its also great at photos… almost microscopic detail


That was an excellent video. That’s a pretty sweet track…I also wish I knew of a place to do that. I was terriffied to ride on logs…you guys are ballsy.

Anyway, that really showcases some good ole, hardcore muni.

Oh, and I love all the shots of the bikers walking :slight_smile:

Crystal Method always works nicely for muni videos. Thats PhD from Tweekend.

Logs are definitely scary when they are slippery, steep and high up.

The little biker is my son John. He did a lot of walking :slight_smile:

Despite pads, I managed cuts underneath them and a twisted ankle. John was the only one not to hurt himself.