Video - Ashgrove trials...

Ashgrove trials ride (6.7MB, 1min5sec)

Well I’ve popped out another short movie. :slight_smile: There are some interesting lines in this one I think, and the last two clips I was really happy with. The music is “Oakland”, once again by the Charlie Hunter Quintet…getting sick of their music yet? :wink:




good job looks good especialy te part when your jumping on the big net thing:D

gotta love it

Great stuff Andrew!

Cant wait to come riding with you! :stuck_out_tongue:


Andrew, always nice videos from downunder. I think you are the man with the most own vidz here in the Community, go on like this!


again, im really impressed. good job.


digging the music nice riding


It always seems like you live in a trials park or something. Is it all in one area? Cause if it is, you are very lucky to have a location like that.

another awesome video. one question: how low do you run your tire? seems like you bottom out on a few of those jumps/drops.

Nice Work

Hey there. You have some really nice stuff. I love all these movies. Great work. :slight_smile:

Sweet shizzle mc dizzle.

Hello Andrew,
I watched every one of those videos at

They are amazing, Thank you.

man andrew you are amazing im not suprised if you go really far with it :slight_smile: . and how old are ? :thinking:

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Everything in these videos (except the Surfers’ Paradise one) is within a 20 minute driving radius. Trial lines are everywhere, in every country. I’ve probably only just scraped the surface. I am impressed at how many playgrounds and parks there are here in Brisbane though. It’s interesting…I’m starting to see trends in the different types of playgrounds, they’re all similar in some way because of course they’re all done by the Queensland government. School playgrounds are always good for trials lines. I found these beautiful big metal A-frames today at a pre-school where I was re-surfacing the floor. They were perfect! About 15-20mm diameter at the top and all about 1m high. I want them!

I’m not sure of the pressure, I just know that it’s just low enough enough that it only barely misses bottoming out on drops up to about 7’. Occasionally I’ll play around with a higher pressure if I’m doing something really technical and need to land a gap parallel to a rail, for example. Also at this pressure it only barely misses bottoming out when gapping to and from small posts and rails.

Chrashing, and others,
Thank you for enjoying them. :slight_smile: