Video: Andy Livingstone's

Trials at a Vancouver waterfront park

Just a short video (1 min, 53 sec) from this weekend’s vanuni trials ride.


nice. it looks like a pretty fun place to ride. Did anyone get wet?

Thanks Tyler. Its our favorite location for trials.
Tynans seat got wet, but noone went swimming this time.
Kris calls Andy Livingstone a unicycle magnet. He filmed part of universe 1 here

Here’s a youtube version

Nick’s head seems to be on sideways… :slight_smile:


awsome, great turf to do trials on, i do that in thunder bay wherre they have those little streams with all the water there, but the gaps a little bigger i presume. GREAT VIDEO:D

awesome vid guys

youll have to show me all the hot spots when bryan and i move out there for school in august!


Cool!! Looking forward to riding with you! The vancouver riding scene is really picking up!

Here’s a picture of me n’ the fountain