Vid: BC, goofing around, and wrestling!

Just like the title says! Me, Perry and Jared (what a little Monster…or is that “Chuckie?”) just messin’ around at the park yesterday. BC, skateboard, wrestling, and a Human Chicken on a uni! Total crazienss and fun, and I actually RIDE perry’s BC! :sunglasses: (with my homemade plates that are still holding up fine after more than a week of daily riding!)
Oh thanks to 10 year old Jared for buying our dinner at Denny’s after the ride! (He gets like a $100 per day spending money!!! Lucky little dude!)

that little kid is viloient!:smiley:


haha yeah that kid is really violent.

looks like fun though.

He’s really a fun, cool kid! As soon as he learns to uni he’ll own us all!:smiley:

you guys were learning to bc on the grass? seems like that’d be orders of magnitude harder…

that kid is angry!!!

BC wheeling on grass isn’t that hard, but compared to riding it on concrete it is, especially if you are learning.

But it hurts less:) yeah, you just want to find a nice gently sloped concrete hill and go for it.

Looks like you guys are getting the hang of it.

ah, the wooden plate bc.

you always seem so much older than your uni buddies, terry.

Well find some my age and I’ll ride with them too! Actually, I have even more energy than the younger people I ride with! Plus, most people my age are BORING and certainly DON’T ride BC and/or Muni! Actually, one of my riding buddies Jim, is 48, but he lives 45 miles away, so I only ride muni with him on the weekends.


I don’t have anyone to ride with.
well, news has recently reached me that there is a cute asian girl that works at a CVS that a friend of mine used to work at, and she unicycles and juggles. I’m going to try to find her.

Well, if that doesn’t work for you, just move to Ohio, and then we can be alone together.:smiley: :smiley: I haven’t even heard of anyone near me.:frowning: