Victoria, BC to St. John's, NL 2009

I was going to call this thread ‘Riding across Canada’ but someone already stole that title! (And best of luck to you Phil, it’s a long road as I’m sure I’m about to find out…)

For a long time I’ve wanted to see more of this country, and though I’ve done a fair bit of travel, very little of it has been within this continent. I figure you need to see where you’re from to appreciate where you’re going a bit more, so I decided a few months ago that I was going to ride across the country this summer. I have the time (barely!) between jobs, and the money as well, so it’s a good time to be doing something this foolish. :smiley:

So I started to do some research on routes and equipment and average climate across the country, and booked myself a plane ticket to Vancouver, BC. Being from St. John’s, the direction to ride in was an easy choice - the prevailing winds go from west to east, so I should be on average riding with more of a tailwind than a headwind in that direction. Plus once I finish I can go party with all my friends which will be great.

After figuring that much out, and having a deadline to be ready of April 26th (when my plane leaves for Vancouver), I started assembling gear. Pete at was so kind as to agree to sponsor some of my equipment costs, which enabled me to get a geared 36 for the ride. He’s also hosting the blog where I’ll be posting my updates, pictures, and stories. I ordered a small sleeping bag and bivy sack so that I can stop when I’m tired and camp out (rather than being tied to stopping in towns and finding a bed), made a small stove out of a pop can for some warm food at night, and rode a lot to get in shape.

So far I’ve learned a lot about ultralight camping, the kind of nutrition you need when doing 100km days on a unicycle, and how to build a wheel - schlumpfs, well mine anyways, don’t come pre-assembled. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a tentative map of my route so far. This is subject to change at my whim or wrong turn (both equally likely) but should give you an idea where I’m headed. (I tried to figure out how to post a map embedded into the forum but I don’t think it will do that… ah well!)

If anyone has any suggestions on better routes that are more cycling friendly, more scenic, or better in some other way, please let me know. This is a really rough guideline and I’m sure there are improvements to be had. Smaller highways with less traffic are preferable as I can generally make better time on back roads where I’m not getting sucked into the draft of 18 wheelers every few seconds.

And now, because pictures are fun to look at, here’s a few - from first to last, my schlumpf basking in the cold-ass newfoundland spring, Petty Harbour in the sunlight, building a wheel with the help of Sheldon, and Chrismas arriving in a moderately sized brown box.




Langley - Chilliwack

When do you plan to be riding through just north of me? PM if you will like some one to ride with for a ways.

Joe Myers
Bellingham, WA

Good luck Dave

I can tell you that it the ride from Medicine Hat to Winnipeg is going to be really flat, boring, and windy. Hopefully it is a nice steady tail wind. Further north in SK is a lot nicer and will probably be cooler but the roads won’t be as good.

Taking the #16 might be nicer for going through SK but then you would have to go all the way up to Edmonton.

Hey Dave,

I would love to do the ride from Ottawa to Montreal with you and I could offer you a place but still, I don’t know how I would figure when you are in Ottawa and where you will be.

Good luck, that’s seem to be an awesome ride!

Hi Dave,

First, I’ll be in Vancouver too next week, until the 29th (to ride muni). Do you plan on leaving right away or staying there a bit to get ready? It would be cool to go for a ride monday or tuesday.

Also, I’d be glad to ride along for the Montreal -> Quebec city part. The road along the St-Lawrance river is beautiful, I’ll send you the best way to go if you want.
And I can offer you a place to stay near Quebec city.

Best of luck!


nova scotia stop

Hey best of luck! How long do you plan on this trip to take?

If you could let me know when you’re coming through Nova Scotia I could help you out with a place to stay in Antigonish. (last big town before you hit Cape Breton)

Let me know your plans!


I expect to be making it to that area the first or second day, so probably the 28th or 29th of this month.

heh, thanks for that. I probably have a spot to sleep at in portage aux prairies just outside winnipeg, so I’ll likely be heading that way. It looks like I’ll be sticking more southerly as well just for distance sake.

Me you and Vince can go for a ride again :wink:
I’ll get in touch when I’m closer to that part of the country and we’ll figure something out, it’ll be great!

my flight gets in at 1:30 to vancouver, and I was thinking about just heading straight to victoria to get started the next day. I’m kinda anxious to get riding, though I do need to make a few stops for final supplies (mec sent me the wrong size of pants!)

it’d be awesome to meet up to ride montreal to quebec though. I know a few people that have done that ride and I’m kinda pumped for it myself. Plus I’ll be in awesome shape by that point, haha

It looks like antigonish is going to be where I end up on my way through n.s., so I will definitely keep in touch. I really don’t know the timing that far in the future but I will let you know.

Thanks for all the feedback guys. It’s actually pretty amazing now, all the papers in town want to interview me, there’s like 140+ member facebook group about it - I’m starting to get excited.

… and now I have to get back to finishing up boring work that has to be done before I go, ah well.

well, I’m just about to board my plane to Vancouver! I’ll be posting mostly to my blog at but I will update this thread periodically.

Anyhow, they’re boarding the plane now, so I have to get going!

Hope, BC

Sorry that the ride from Hope to Manning Park didn’t work out for us to do it together. It was a great climb. When I could not locate you I’m glad I went ahead and did the ride alone. It was great to finally find you on our way home.

Great to find you in such good spirits. May you be of the same mind and just as happy every day.


Hey thanks Joe for the little update.

I’m happy to hear Dave’s on his way after some badluck with his guni in Vancouver.

Scenery must be gorgous out there, but keep on riding!