Victoria, BC, Canada Muni Riders

I’m living in Victoria, BC, Canada for the next 4 months. If there’s any Victoria muni riders out there looking for someone to ride with send me a message.

I don’'t know about Victoria but there are quite a few and a club in Vancouver.

Take the ferry to Vancouver and ride yer ass off:

There are a few riders in Victoria, but I’m not entirely sure how to contact them. Your best bet may be to join (club in Vancouver) and post on the mailing list and someone should be able to give you some contact info.

Thanks for the club suggestion. I did end up finding a few people who ride around here.

There are lots of really good trails right around Victoria, so I’m not going to get on a ferry and go to Vancouver every time I want to ride. Thanks for the suggestion, but no thanks. And yes, I have ridden a few of the North Shore Trails and Squamish and I know how good they are.


Hi I’m in Victoria but new to muni, where do you ride here?

So far I’ve just ridden the Hartland trails, but the South Island Mountain Bike Society list a bunch of different areas.

The Hartland trails have a pretty extensive network of all different difficulties and it’s very well signed.

Victoria trail

Thanks, I’ll check it out, I know Hartland Rd. Is there a muni or uni club here?

Not that I know of. It looks like there is/was a Victoria unicycle club but their website hasn’t been updated in a couple years. There is a group on facebook called “UVic Unicycle Club” that seems somewhat active.

Hey Victoria Riders!

I know this is a super old post but its also one of the first things that comes up when you google “Victoria unicycle” or variations of that and I’ve had it come up a few times. So I’m posting here so that if anybody is still looking for riders in Victoria or if anybody in the future does, they will see that there are riders in Vic. To get a hold of us you can try replying here, we also have a Facebook group called UVic Unicycle Club (which is by no means restricted to just university students) that is pretty dead right now but I’m trying to build a unicycling community in Victoria. So if you or anybody else is looking for unicycle riders in Victoria let me know :smiley:

Looking for riders in Squamish region. Anyone around?