very light 36er

I have my 36er that has been collecting dust neglected for too long and it’s an awesome beast.

Oldschool steel frame, which was one of the lightest in fact, then drilled out airfoil rim, with a nightrider tire 29er tube, and the usual KH handle/seat setup. I’ve got three or four sets of cranks for it of the usual lengths, all aluminum.

I also have some maguras for it, but they aren’t mounted due to lack of braze ons.

Looking for 400, but make me an offer quick and I probably won’t pass it up.

Local pick up gets a BC wheel for free while I still have one.

Nice 36 er

hey i was looking for one 36 inche Im in ottawa awsweel so for a quick pick up how much would you let it go for?!?

If you can pick it up in the next two hours, then 250 and it’s yours, I can also come meet you somewhere. Otherwise make me an offer.

Where about do you live in ottawa?! id like too see n try it

tnx dom

I’m right next to Algonquin college. If you want to try it I can do either Earlier in the morning on Sunday like around 8 or 9, or Sunday evening, or whenever next week.

ill see my skool and work sched. for the week end ill let u know … can u send more pics to

I won’t be able to get a camera till sunday, but I can do that for sure.

Just make some drawings :slight_smile:

Also you might want to keep personal info in PMs, weird people cruise the interwebs sometimes. Like me!

More pics for those interested in them, sorry no chance to get quotes on shipping yet, but I’m working on it probably tomorrow.

when can we met id like to try this lil beast