Vermont MUNI Weekend II: July 12-14

Less than a month away from the sickest, funnest, shreddinest, friendliest Muni event to be held in Central Vermont ALL SUMMER!

Lots of singletrack, some freeride, dirt road riding, possibly a hockey game… and it’s free! Free camping! Free gnar! Free grins/faceplants!

(What more could you ask for, seriously?) Come on by and check it out!

More info here…

I would love to attend, but I’m not yet in the mood to greet Josh from UDC, or KH should he come around, or my old MU partner for now… Regardless, I am wrenching for the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure “New England Classic 150/550” from July 13th-19th and prepping on the 12th. it’s my 6th year volunteering with them. I hope that next year the dates won’t conflict.

I’d love to come up for the VT Muni Fest, but that is a long drive!

It would also love to ride with Kris again, he’s an amazing guy, honest, sincere, great rider and a great person.

As for Josh, he’s a buddy, I don’t get to ride with him much, because he’s so busy with family and work at UDC, but another great guy, has done so much to advance unicycling.

Let’s leave that sour milk for other threads, this is a happy thread!!

I wonder if I can catch a ride with Josh and Amy…hmmm :stuck_out_tongue:

What would you choose:

NAUCC or Vermont Muni Fest?

Hey I’m in VT and looking to get back into riding more, especially off-road and especially since my 3yo son is about to get his first uni for his birthday.

There are more of us in the BTV area- but nobody really gets together to ride.

Anyway, I hope a new VT muni weekend happens some time and i hope i can make it.


Maybe its time to update the news forum on the home page. Just a thought.

Weekly MUNI

Hi everyone, for those looking for ongoing muni rides in Vermont, we have a small Muni group that rides together about once a week, and if you want to join us please do!

Message me and hopefully it will work out. We typically ride off the White River watershed (I-89 corridor Randolph to White River Junction), and we’re always looking for new trails…


We went to Killington yesterday for some Gondola access riding. Hoping to do it again this fall.

It can be a pain to organize, but riding with a group can be great and it definitely pushes us to learn new stuff and get better!

Here’s to hoping this fall is a great one!