Varial Roll Competition

I’ve been trying for a while and need a little motivation.


  • Must be on video
  • Can’t have landed before
  • Must land trick completely (obviously)
  • Comp starts once at least 3 people join
  • Must enter comp before posting results
  • Must be landed as a varial roll only (No combos like varial roll-outside roll)



I’m in. But is that last rule necessary? A number of people find it easier to outsideroll out of it.

If enough people wish that the rule be revoked it’ll be eliminated. I just think that it’s fair to host a varial roll competition where you should land a varial roll, not a varial roll-outside roll imo.

I am most certainly in.

Thats the point. If its easier that way, it shouldn’t be done :stuck_out_tongue:

But people that do that are silly, it isn’t actually any easier at all. They just tell themselves it is because they think the body varial is harder. But it isn’t…


I’m in:)

Sweeeeet, i’m in. Yesterday I was getting so close.

I don’t want the sig though if I get one of the first 3, I just want to compete.

Does the comp start today ??? EDIT: 3 people to join, then it has started.


Ahh, man, it’s either i’m in my basement on the carpet, or I will try to get one on thursday at the gym…

Outside is out of the question. :stuck_out_tongue:


EDIT: I’ll stay in the comp, but i’m only going for it on thursday, riding in my basement is not fun.

What’s a Varial Roll…???

I find uni spin out the easiest.

Are players aloud to either twist or spin out of it, just not varial roll, or does it have to be done with the body varial out.

ya I suppose that It will start today, I didn’t think it’d fill up this fast.

I’m in!!

I’ve been putting it off so i’ll go for it now!!

If I get my carbon installed today I’m in :smiley:

this is gonna be a good competition:)

i`'m in has the competiton been started?


Ok I’m in, just instaled the carbon and now I’m getting used to it before I start training varial rolls.

I got suprisingly close. I can consistantly hop to the other side of the crank, the hard part is getting my hands to switch to the other side of the saddle, and getting the crank to roll. I’ve found that actually hopping slightly to the other crank is easier than just stepping on it. Its a lot less strain on my left ankle (weak ankle), and it gives momentum to roll the crank.

The closest i’ve gotten is the crank to roll the full way, but I lost hand positioning and balance. I was tilted off balance for the whole roll :\

I’ve been getting to the point where you have to do the body varial for 2 days now, I just always fall when I get there. I try pushing the first half, pausing for a little and then quickly doing a fast transfer of my body to the other side, transferring your body momentum and making the last part of the crank roll (If that makes any sense).