VanUni: Ride like a Girl

Riding at a north shore skills park, and some beach trials

Riding: AnSo, Celina, Debra, Dori, Frank, Matt, Nigel, Yves, Yggy

The original title was “North Shore Bike Park”, but I know you guys have bike allergies, so for marketing purposes, I picked up on Debra’s decal.

There are 2 trivia references in the video
One is a clip from a movie
The other is the music, which is from an imfamous video
More on that below.

North Shore Bike Park we visited twice, thanks to Yves! The first time was in the snow with Nigel, Yves, Debra (aka Sarah), AnSo, and my son Matt and I.
The 2nd time was just Yves and I on a perfectly sunny day.
VanUni had never visited this park, and its a lot of fun! We should definitely go here again and again.

This weekend we visited Sunset Beach, thanks to Celina!
We had Yggy, Dori, Celina, Yves and myself and headed toward Stanley Park for logs, rocks and walls.

The statue, which is the symbol for the 2010 olympics, was actually built for Expo86. It was the scene for “wheres matt”, at 55 seconds into this video, and again at 3min 31 seconds.

Matt is a game programmer from Kirkland and his fiancée works in my office.

The intro has a title clip from Dead Like Me, which is filmed in Vancouver, and occasionally, Whonnock, my home town. err… farm. I was gonna use its theme, but needed to pick up the tempo.
The music is from a Thunderheist video we call chicken. The colorful leaders of Google, Sergey and Larry pointed out to youtube guys “Look! Vimeo’s version is better! What are you guys doing?!” So the Chicken video is kind of a household joke now.

Great video! The beach trials was awesome!:smiley:

Khoool video! Makes me want to visit Vancover even more!

I really love your videos and the way ya’ll have fun riding.

Thats Dori without the helmet. She’s visiting Vancouver from Hungary.
She really nailed those logs eh.
But accomplishment wise, she’s never done a unispin, and came oh so close…

We love visitors! This weekend we’ve got Lemay Vincent from Montreal visit for a full weekend of muni madness.

Thanks Shug! Fun is high on our priorities :slight_smile:
This video was almost all new riders, so hopefully we’ll see more of them in the future. All the old riders died from muni injuries apparently. :slight_smile:


Awwsome fun!!!

Thanks! The skills park was a lot of fun, cuz we’d never been there, and it was snowing, which is crazy for March.
Sunset beach is our favorite location lately. This last weekend we had 12 people out, ranging from beginners to elders.

Crackle is yet another site you can upload to. Here is the video on there:

Youtube full length movies and TV shows use crackle, which is mostly Sony content, such as spiderman.
No real advantage, but perhaps its not blocked in your school or something?