vanuni - Open House Part 2

Vancouver Muni Open House Part 2: Crinkcum Crankcum

Mt Fromme trail continues with Crinkcum Crankcum.
Here’s a map.
We rode 19, 8, 15, 16

Preston tears it up on his Steve Howard.
Kris debranches a log that is long, skinny, and way high up. Its obviously never been ridden… for good reason.
Will we get lost, like last time?
Will Ryan do something crazy? What does AnSo tell us about ‘Trail Days’?

Is youtube HD not good enough? You can also go to Vimeo and download the original. … but only for the next 5 days.

Very enjoyable. Makes me want to buy a plane ticket and ride down a mountain.

Great vid, really well put together to.

Another cool video, enjoyed it a lot. Nice trails again… some reasonably gnarly stuff there :slight_smile:

I do like to ride this Crinkum part the most. kinda easy, kinda hard.
so normally when it gets into my mediocre skill range, I’d be riding it, not filming. But I’d just fallen over an embankment, a hurt myself. And Kris manages to find unridable things.