VanUni: Oilcan Carl

Carl Kohnstamm rides Mt Fromme with James and I.


Upper Oilcan is one of my favorite trails. The logs are ridable, but high enough to be scarey. There are some nice drops, and some not so nice(!).
Then it leads into another great trail - Pipeline, which has a new section under construction.

I tried a couple of editing tricks - a green screen intro/extro in keeping with the Ting Tings video theme, and stop motion photography.

Enjoy and send comments


YouTube version

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The song was first heard in iPod comercials

In the Ting Tings video, I got the green screen idea

They were on Conan O’Brien last night

Picture from Pipeline construction


Great riding and fliming as always. Enjoyed it :slight_smile:

You guys have such cool playgrounds to ride in, MUni skills park, kick ass northshore trails… I am jealous !!!

great skills:) but terrible song:(

Brilliant as always, another very enjoyable video. Reminds me I must go ride some northshore again.

Very nice!!! Looks fun.:slight_smile:

That was awesome trails/riding. Could you re-edit it with new music:p JK

I was about to turn it off b/c the song, but the riding kept me watching.

Awesome trails.

Another great one:D:D

Re I was about to turn it off b/c the song
Its hard to find music everyone likes… this one seems to be a love/hate one.
I might consider doing the video to a different song, but its a short song 2:55, and I didnt get much footage. And the green screen effect is a homage to the original video… so it wouldnt make sense.

Picture: Carl checks out Air Supply


Haha yea cause I actually liked the song w/ the video.
Great job