VanUni: Mountain Lobsters

Mountain Lobsters

The New Zealand “Ride the Lobster” team joined VanUni for a week, with plenty of Muni
Bit of beach trials with Ryan Atkins, and Kris
Critical Mass and UBC Coker rides with the Kiwis
Some footage of me at the new Burnaby Bike Skills Park, and a first attempt to tame a 9ft giraffe


looks like some pretty sweet single track. where did you guys ride? maybe you said it somewhere and i’m dumb; i don’t know. nice vid fo sho!

Its in the credits as much as possible.

The muni is
Mt Seymour CBC and Salvation trails (zig zag teeter totter)
Mt Fromme Boogie Man (long logs) and Flying Circus (super high skinny and linked together teeter totter)

We did a Coker ride from Stanley Park around the waterfront to UBC.
A Critical Mass on Coker… Burrard and Lions Gate Bridges, Downtown.

Burnaby Skills Park is near Simon Fraser University.
The beach trials (Ryan/Kris) is at Wreck Beach(?) near UBC.


All locations are in the credits.(Frank beat me to it)

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
One of your best!
Lots of flow:) (more than usual)

It’s good to see Kris again and I’m glad Ryan still rides. So what was Ryan doing in BC?

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen Tony in a Muni vid:o

sorry, i didn’t get that far.

Just a couple of corrections to the trails that we rode (with a bit of added detail):

Day one (Monday, June 23rd): Will & Tony rode Mt Fromme, two trails, 7th Secret & Ladies Only, slack lining in the evening.

Day Two (Tuesday, June 24th): Will, Tony, James Hargrave, James Galbraith, Ryan Kremsater, Geoffrey Huntley, and Tynan (me) rode Mt Seymour, quite a number of trails: CBC to Corkscrew to Salvation to Pengu to Boogieman (very long ride :P)

Day Three Part One (Wednesday June 25th): Will & Tony rode Mt Fromme again, a number of trails, Circus (really high skinny with a teter on it, and the discombobulator (sp?), a linked together skinny), Circus isn’t in the greatest of repairs so they headed back up and rode the Upper Oilcan and then Pink Starfish

Day Three Part two (Wednesday June 25th): Will, Tony, Dal (who rode in the UniNam tour), Geoff, Nick Wimpney (on a really thin 700cc road tire no less!), Anne-Sophie Rodet, Frank Barchard & I had a Coker Ride around the Seawall of Vancouver, starting close to Stanley Park riding out to Science World, then all the way out to UBC where we stopped by to visit Kris Holm, and then rode over to Anne-Sophie’s for pizza. It was a 35km ride in total, though not everyone could stay for the whole ride, but it was a blast!

Day Four (Thursday, June 26th): Tony, Will, Geoff, An’So, Kris, Ryan Atkins, and myself had a ride just west of Spanish Banks (the north side of the UBC campus, Wreck Beach is on the south side)

Day Five (Friday, June 27th): Geoff, An’So, Alvin, Luke Closs, Dal, Frank, James Galbraith, myself, and one other unicyclists whom I don’t know to well (Justin or Alison I think) all rode in the Critical Mass bike ride with unicycles, there were 3000+ bikers, and we almost made 10 unicyclers, if we count Martin Côte (who was on a bike) then we had 10!

It was quite a week, and it was wicked riding with everyone, after riding with Tony and Will I think I might have to upgrade from a 29er to a 36, man they were fast!

Oh ya, and Frank, I think this goes without saying, but great work on the video!!!


Awesome video, really liked the Northshore. Great skills. Wish we had some Northshore obstacles to ride here.

Most excellant.

The video camera needs a little help, but the mUni riding looked like alot of fun. Great stuff.

Vimeo version

The source came from many cameras/people.
Mine has image stabilization, but I didnt film most of it.
What can I do? I could remove those sections and make the video much shorter, but the riding and trails are great.

Ryan is here for a bike competition

A picture of Tony riding high on “The Flying Circus”


Thanks Don!
Youtube seems particularily brutal to my videos. Some people seem to get good results? Do they post flv directly?

Vimeo has a 500 MB size limit and Lobsters is 74 MB, so I can only post a few videos there.

Sweet video, tell James G, Ryan and Dal I said hey.

It seems like it was a super mega unicycle weekend, and I’m almost jealous but I’ve got unicon so I can’t complain.

Cheers guys.

I think that’s per week.

So, you could post 6 Mountain Lobsers a week:p

Wow, all those locations look great! Next time I am out near Vancouver I will have to shoot you all a message.

We love to have guests!
email us at

Those that watched the youtube version should check out Vimeo: way better quality


Vimeo is horrid on my main computer, so please continue to post future vids on youtube as well:o

If anything, its Vimeo I might drop. WTF?!

Hey, was Ryan or Kris riding one of the titanium moment hubs? If they were, did you get any pics of the unis?

I’m pretty sure Ryan is riding a titanium hub, because I was talking to him a few months ago, but didn’t want to tell me what was new on the hub…So I am guessing he is riding a ti hub…


It’s hard to tell from the footage but it looks to me like it’s Tynan’s uni Ryan is riding… I don’t think Ryan had a uni with him, but I could be wrong.