VanUni: M.C.L.

I tore my MCL in a fall from a log. Fortunately, it was caught on film…

M.C.L. - My Collateral Ligament

whoa! that looked nasty! The size of your one leg compared to the other, urgh! Can’t believe you were hopping with a torn ligament at the end.
What did the medical staff say when you told them how you did it???

Owwwwwww! Hope that heals good and you are back to northshore riding and filming!

That didn’t look good. Your viemo video is private BTW.

Sorry to hear about your injury. Looks like you’ll be full time camera man for awhile…

Get well soon… and a Merry Christmas

hehehe. They’d be horrified.
The Dr said I should wear a brace for 6 months. The physio said 8 weeks before even thinking about skiing, and I shouldn’t even ride a bike.
But I’m doing a stationary bike okay, so I plan to try some easy 29" riding as soon as the knee bends enough to do a full rotation.

Even that ride I was camera man for the rest of the ride.
But the accident made the other riders trepidatious.

Thanks Michael… should be public now.

Nice short vid:)

Sorry about the knee.

A long time ago I twisted my knee pretty bad from multiple falls one day snowboarding. Afterwords it was mildly difficult to walk and as is, I knew I shouldn’t ride the next day. That night I got a knee brace from Big 5. My knee felt as good as new and the next day on the slopes, at times, w/ the brace, it felt even better than before I hurt it.

It was kind of like this but only a single hinge type stabilizer on each side of the knee, it was made of elastic instead of neoprene, and it didn’t have adjustment straps. Mine was comfortable, allowed pretty good movement, and stayed in place fairly well, but I’m sure that one would be much better.

Thanks skilewis. I’ve got more footage of AnSo and Dori doing those 2 trails, but I’ll make a separate video for that.

We don’t have Big5 in Vancouver. They referred me to a medical supply.
The physio people say I should get one… especially for skiing.
My wife tore both her ACL and MCL (same as Kris) and got a custom brace, but it cost $600. Her’s was a full tear (grade 3). Mines only a grade 2 - a partial tear, so its supposed to heal.
The one you’re pointing out looks pretty practical… thanks!

Dori and AnSo both hurt themselves too.

Dori was riding Kris’s KH24 for the first time, and toward the bottom, as she was getting more aggressive on it, she twisted her ankle.
She couldn’t ride, and a few days later it was “3 times normal size”. Today, its still purple and hard for her to walk, and she can’t ride yet. I wish I had pictures of the purple foot, but all I have is her sitting after the fall. We both limped out from there.

These were Dori’s first 2 muni rides, and I had to assure her that normally, muni is relatively safe!

AnSo took a tumble on BobSled and hit her face into a root. The root was okay. She’d only just recovered from a huge bruise on the leg from Pipeline! Below is her smiling bruised face a week later.



I hope everybody heals quickly:o

I wear LOTS of protection when I Muni - DIY reinforced ankle, shin/knee, DIY reinforced hip/but, elbow/forarm, head. I’m considering getting a full jacket.

Edit: If I had an injury like yours I’d definitly ride w/ a brace. I might not go custom, but I wouldn’t hesitate to spend $100-150. I might even get a pair like the ones I posted earlier as a precaution.

In this video I express the emotions of healing:
Frustration that your body can’t do what you want it to.
That youre on your own

Good to see your back in the saddle!!!
Small steps … then MUni!!

I’m making progress. At this weeks physio, the therapist pushed down on my knee til it went straight. So now I can straighten it all the way, and it bends enough that I can ride the 20" and do small hops.

Today I got a knee brace. Donjoy Playmaker
Guess I’ll need to make an updated film with my bionic looking leg. :slight_smile:

bionic lol? i AM the bionic woman here, metal implants included lol. actually i got an electronic device in my arm too, i call it a mini ipod aka bone stimulator. my arm heals well with good tunes. do what u gotta do, lifes too short!

oh congrats on the progress!

Haha cool opening and fun trails! Enjoyed it and glad you’re ok, and making a full recovery!:slight_smile: