VanUni: Arbutus

This weekend at Arbutus Park, Vancouver

If you missed it, last weekend at Lonsdale

And if you missed that Red vs Blue before that


You learned that one foot mount?:smiley:

You noticed! Thanks for showing me that. That was my new trick of the day.
I got pretty good at it by the end of the day. It can be done as either a static mount, or a ‘running’ mount.
When doing a static mount, I put the pedal forward, and do a half revolution so the momentum pulls the pedal over the top.
The clip I used wasnt my best, but it had Tynan gliding down a steep slope. He’s getting really good at the gliding.

A minor skill I mastered was going from 1 ft riding to 1 ft hop.
But I haven’t figured out how to go the other way.

those are some sweet videos. It looks like a fun group. The MUni stuff in the red vs blue one looked like a fun day.

Thanks Sutton. Red vs Blue is at SFU (Simon Fraser University), which is on top of Burnaby Mountain. Its not as technical as other muni trails, which makes it just a fun, low stress ride. I find myself riding most of it, instead of filming.
Tynan hams it up, trying to do that rock gap, doing his impersonation of Kevin McMullin, storming back up the hill.

I’m considering studying abroad there next fall. If I end up doing it we will definitely have to meet up for a ride.

And maybe he can give you a tour of EA and you can ‘accidentally’ drop a CD with Project UNI on it somewhere :slight_smile:

If you do come up to check out the campus or something drop us an e-mail at and we can figure out a ride for when you’re in town.

those were nice. i liked the second one the best. the spots you were riding in were really perfect for uni-ing.