Valve Extender

I finally got my Coker Tire on my Airfoil Rim, after 7 failed attempts, and after the local Bike Shop considering it “impossible” when they tried.

Anyway, the important thing is that the tire is on. However the Schrader valve on the Coker Tube is far in the hole and a valve extender would make things much easier.

What Schrader valve extender can you recommend? And where can I get it?


Congratulations on getting your tire mounted. What finally worked for you? You can get valve extenders from some most autoparts stores. I got 4 plastic ones for a couple of dollars. If you find the nice metal ones, let me know.

Plastic ones I found are basically useless. Useful metal ones, at NAPA, or you can get one from me pretty cheap.

It seems that all of the fancy metal ones are all for Presta valves. That’s what my search on google is turning up.

Thanks. I started out trying to squeeze a 29" tube into the rim, but that made putting the tire on extremely difficult, and it punctured easily. So I ordered a 36" Coker Tube from Mr. Bedford and got the tire on, but it was not easy. All in all it was a painful process, and took my Dad and I, plus a handful of broken tire levers. I really hope I never get a flat!

Most of the auto parts stores that I’ve looked at have had the metal schrader valve extenders. Here’s a thread with pictures: Tire Valve Extenders
It shouldn’t be hard to find the metal ones but you may need to try a couple of different auto parts stores.

Getting the Coker tire on an Airfoil rim can require every known tire installation trick to get them on. Yes, it can be difficult. But once you learn some of the tricks it is easier.

Trick #1: Use a low profile rim tape that is slippery. Avoid the white Velox tape. The Velox tape is thick and not slippery. Pedro’s and Salsa make a polyester rim tape that is slippery and has good adhesive. You’ll want the 16mm width. I’ve been wanting to try the Continental rim tape which is a different style than the Pedro’s and the Salsa but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Next time I change the tire or tube on my Coker I’ll try the Continental tape.

Trick #2: Spray the bead of the tire with Silicone lubricant. It won’t necessarily help with getting the tire on but will help the tire seat properly once it is on and you fill it for the first time.

Trick #3: Force the bead to stay in the lowest part of the rim channel. The center channel in the rim has a smaller diameter and gives you a little more room when trying to force the last bit of tire over the rim. I use a couple of toe straps to hold the tire in the center channel of the rim.

Trick #4: Make sure that the tire doesn’t peel the rim tape away and expose the spoke holes as you install the tire. This is bit that I often have problems with. I’ll get the tire on but the rim tape is all messed up so I’ll have to start over. Arrrg! If you have spoke holes exposed the tube will puncture when you inflate the tire.

Trick #5: Use metal and/or stout plastic tire levers. A metal tire lever can help get that last bit of tire over the rim. I wrap the metal tire lever with fabric tape or duct tape so the tire lever doesn’t scratch up the rim. Park Tools makes a neat set of metal tire levers.

Thanks. I took your advice, John, and went to an Auto parts store (VIP) and bought a 1 1/4" metal valve extender. It came in a pack of four for $3.50, so I’ve got extras. Anybody want one? :slight_smile: It works and, most importantly, looks great. :wink:


I just picked up a set of plastic coated steel leavers from my LBS. They don’t have a brand name on them, but they look just like normal plastic leavers. Tomorrow Nathan and I will attempt to mount several Coker tires with 29er tubes. Wish us luck.