Vacation 2

Jo heres my new video from a two weeks trip to netherland :slight_smile: .
i couldn´t film more clips because i broke my cam :smiley: so its a bit short i hope you enjoy it anyway.

Every hard flatland trick you do look so effortless. Stylish!

Amazing Matti! 1:10 and the 720 were grazy!:slight_smile:
Where did you go in Holland? Scheveningen?

thanks :slight_smile: and to casper i went to cadzand :wink:

Ah, cool! I went there with my family a few times!

Your riding reminds me so much of Loic’s. It fills the deep void in my heart where his flatland used to be :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve always enjoyed your videos. Your flatland is kickarse. :slight_smile:

It’s amazing that you can make such difficult tricks look so smooth and easy! Nice creativity too, I really liked the rolling wrap-360 backside!

I really have to comment again. This video is just SO awesome… I totally respect this style of flat, like you have no idea, dude. It’s creative, SO FLOWY, always clean. It’s not necessarily your style that reminds me of Loic so much as your ideas. The tricks you land are like the ones he’d have landed if he had kept riding. So stylish… Love it.

:open_mouth: This is seriously my favorite video ever. Each clip was so creative. A lot of people are just focusing on tenthsidequads these days, this creative flat is so refreshing. Never stop riding Matti, your flat is DOPE. You’ll be at unicon right? Can’t wait. :smiley:

Loic ain’t ride no more? :thinking: