V-Brake question

Sorry for posting this but I could not find in search

I have ordered a Nimbus 36. Can I mount V-brakes on it?

Do I need an adapter, if so where can I order one.

Also can someone post a picture of V-brakes mounted on the Nimbus 36.


I was just wondering the same thing. I’m a bit put off by Magura brake’s price.

A quick search revealed this thread. The search function (and Google) is your friend :wink:

yes you can with appropriate adaptors, but you can also get maggies on ebay for peanuts

I fitted V brakes to a Nimbus 36, and it didn’t work very well. It was a real problem to get them set up, and the performance of them wasn’t very good.


There are a number of people that prefer Caliper brakes to Hydraulic brakes. It would require a frame mod, but that should be as simple as drilling a hole.

Previous thread

I believe a picture of a caliber brake and v-brake where posted.

I just couldn’t find the link.

Anyone see it or can to post it.

This guy has a caliper brake on his N36 (check out the photo gallery linked in the first post).

I need the adapters for my V-brake. Any have any extras?

UDC will have some extras. :roll_eyes:

Haven’t checked recently but a couple weeks ago they were apparently sold out. Can you help me out with a link if you could find them?

Unicycle.UK.com have them, I don’t know how much it would cost to get them to you.


It could be worth posting a new thread to see if anyone knows who would have them in stock near you. They may bypass this thread, see how you get on.


No luck with V-brake for my new Nimbus

Ok, I’m fresh out of idea’s for my Nimbus 36.

UDC is out of stock for V-Brake adapters, and can’t find similar product available in canada for V-brakes.

Brought my N36 to LBS to try to get old style c-clamp brakes to mount on frame, no luck.


I would like to purchase some brake right away!!!

You could use a BMX caliper brake if there’s room under all the extra tubing of the Nimbus frame. You could mount it in front of the seat tube, but it wouldn’t look so tidy (I think I’ve seen a picture of one fitted that way). It may go behind the seat tube like people did on normal frames if there’s enough clearance below the top bracing tubes.

BMX brakes are very easy and cheap to buy (I got mine on ebay for less that £5 for a pair) - just make sure you get a front one or the bolt will be too short to go right through the seat tube.



Try online trails bike shops I go mine from


They look better then the ones that UDC sells but are a little more $ at $36.00 US.


Todd. Why don’t you talk to Darren Bedford re: this issue? He might have a possible solution for you.