UW questions

I have a few questions about UW’s.

  1. does UWing help unicycle skills?
  2. what is the best overall size UW?
  3. does UWing help leg strength?

I have a few more but I forgot them:)

  1. I can’t do seat drag propperly yet, but I’m sure UWing will help.

  2. Some say that the bigger the wheel the better. I’m most comfortable on my 24".

  3. I get tired in all sorts of muscles I don’t normally use. It is definately a good workout.

cool, I think I might get one.

what kind do you have?

also, do tires make a big difference in riding?

  1. yes i think it helps balance a little but i didnt see any sudden balance when i learned it
  2. 20" puts a little more pressure on your ankles than a 24" & also 24" are used for racing at naucc
  3. not that i noticed yet i did get a little achy

so would this be good?

yes that would be great. my friend has one & i like it better than my 20"

cool, I might get it.

The nimbus UW looks good. The tire does make a difference, but the one they put on it in the picture looks good. If the tire is too narrow and hard the UW gets too twitchy for my liking, and if it’s too knobby it grips the legs too much.
Good grip on the pedals is also important. The pedals in the picture looks ok in that respect too.

cool man i love uwing