UVA Winners

Ok so we’ve had a few problems along the way such as tricks not existing on video or videos being from last year and not 2010 or good videos being released recently but too late to be nominated in the awards. In future I (or someone else who does it instead) will check ALL nominations beforhand incase someone didnt bother to read the rules before nominating and I will hold the next UVAs early January 2012 to ensure all 2011 videos have the chance to be nominated. I hope this will please everyone.

Ok now for the 2010 UVA Winners:

[B]Best Street Video goes to Elias Poham 2010!

Best Flat Video goes to Will Riley and Eli Brill - The Response [Flatland]

Best Trial Video goes to Max Schulze - NAUCC 2010

Best All-Round Video goes to Max Schulze - NAUCC 2010

Best Filming goes to Raphael Poham - Elias Poham 2010

Best Edit goes to Raphael Poham - Elias Poham 2010

Best Trick goes to (surprise, surprise) Max Schulze - Maxwhip[/B]

I will post images of the full results later as I cant figure out how to link you all to the full results nor can I close the polls and I cant be bothered writing up the entire results.

Thankyou all for voting and Congratulations to our Winners! :slight_smile:

Thanks again Isaac, great job. It was nice to see this.
Congrats to all the winners. Seems like quite an honor to win the UVA to me.

I’m happy :smiley: Will and I rode until we couldn’t feel our legs anymore when we filmed that video.

Worth it :slight_smile:


but why you stop the votes now???

my video is catching the max vid…jajajajaj is joke


haha aleix :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the support and helpful advice. was nice to have someone go about the issues nicely for a change rather than just being criticised :stuck_out_tongue:

constructive criticism :smiley: