UUU desktop wallpaper design competition

Ok so there isn’t really a prize (except you get to have your creation put on the UUU (Union of UK unicyclists) website with your name next to it), but anyway.

I thought it would be cool if I had a few cool desktop wallpapers on the UUU site, I’ve already made one (http://www.fridu.org:8016/unicycle/downloads/simplicity1600x1200.jpg) and as you can see it’s not particularly good as my photoshop skills are lacking a bit.

So I thought there’s probably quite a few people of the unicyclist.com forums who are good with photoshop.

I’ll probably pick the best 3 wallpapers (but it depends how many entries I get).


  1. The Resolution of the wallpaper needs to 1600x1200

  2. The UUU logo must be visable on the wallpaper somewhere (here is a link to a custom shape you can add in photoshop which is the UUU logohttp://www.fridu.org:8016/unicycle/downloads/uuu_logo.csh ) or if you don’t use photoshop here is a link to a high resolution PNG file of the logo http://www.fridu.org:8016/unicycle/downloads/uuu_logo.png

  3. Please submit the wallpaper as a JPEG and if you used photoshop then please submit the .psd file too. Please e-mail it to delcypher@gmail.com

The deadline is January the 21st.

Good luck everyone, and if you do make a wallpaper then thanks for your effort.

I’ll give this a go I think.

so what’s the prize? just getting shown on the website?

Yep being shown on the website is the only prize. Sorry I don’t really have any money :frowning: . You could just design a wallpaper out of the kindness of your heart?:smiley:

lol i was just curious… i don’t have any high quality enough pictures for you to use on the website, except one, and that’s my design… that i kinda plan to make a little $ off of.

Im using a cool pic I made this morning that looks pretty cool. now to add some logos lol

Yay, someone’s interested :slight_smile:

I have 2, basically the same but one is blue, one is red. Do you want me to send them to you?

EDIT sent any way lol

Thanks for the wallpapers Scott, I’ve received them. They look pretty good. I just noticed something though, in the bottom left (of both pictures) there’s some odd lines that are not parallel with the direction of the swirls (very subtle) - are they intentional?