utlimate wheel

Dear Dana,

What size is your ultimate wheel?

How long did it take you to be able to ride at all?

Did you hurt yourself a bit / a lot at first?

How do you stop it from rubbing against your legs (in a sideway movement which,
on a unicycle, is prevented by the saddle against your legs)?

Thanks for any information.


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>> And now that I’m able to go about 50 feet on my ultimate wheel I’m
>> of adopting the motto:
>> Training wheels are for weenies and seats are for wimps.
>> :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
>> All in good fun folks. :slight_smile: No flames please.
>> –
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> geez, congrats on the ultimate wheel. what size is it? how do you mount
>a contraption?
> good show,
> DB
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Re: utlimate wheel

Mauricio Carvalho wrote:
>ultimate wheels are great fun and very, very gentle. Probably the best activity
>around that is a weight bearing exercise.

You can take some akward falls when you are learning to ride backward and idle
on the critters, so wear gloves with padded palms and at least a neoprene sleeve
over the knee.

The wheel i use is a 26 inch wheel off my mountain uni. It has the 50mm rims
from SnowCat ( Phat Albert is another choice at 45mm) The wide rims give you a
flatter tire cross section and this makes the whole affair more stable.

Be sure to smooth the tread where there can be contact with the legs. 3mm spokes
are worth it as well. There are huge stresses on the spokes in an ultimate wheel
because of the canting that is possible