Using mobiles/cell phones in New Zealand (UNICON)


I’m wondering how using mobiles/cell phones in another country works as I, and most of us are going to Wellington, New Zealand soon. I have the phone numbers of some people, a normal one and another with the international code. (for example, australia’s is 61). Which number do I use?

I suggest calling your customer service provider

If you are using your Australian phone in NZ you’ll need to dial +64 (international code for NZ) in front of any number (eg +64 21 123456 for a NZ vodafone cell 021 123456, or +64 4 9876543 for a Wellington landline 04 9876543). Since making international calls is usually very expensive you might like to stick to using text messages or buy a prepaid SIM card in NZ.

you can grab a $2 new zealand sim card from 2degrees from or from some supermarkets or petrol stations

What cellphone provider do you use in Australia? Some of them (eg Vodafone) should still be useable in NZ. I’m with Optus but that doesn’t work in NZ so I just switch my sim card.

Either buy a cheap Sim card when you get to NZ, or check with your provider whether it will work in NZ

I don’t think I said it too clear, I’m actually not planning on making an international call, just texting others in NZ to plan rides and stuff. So I was just wondering whether I use their ordinary number. I think what I have to do is just buy a NZ sim card. My provider is Telstra.

I’m pretty sure Telstra is useable in NZ- just make sure they’re not charging you obscene amounts for roaming overseas (you may be better off with a NZ sim).

To txt or call in NZ, just put 64 in front of the cellphone number, and also drop the first number (usually a 0).

So for instance, my phone number in NZ is 021 064 2548

To dial you would go: 64 21 064 2548

This applies whether you have a NZ or Australian Sim card.

Wow 2 dollar sim cards are awesome! Sim cards start at 40 bucks in Canada! 2 bucks is even cheaper than HK!

And you get $2 credit for the $2 sim card so the card is almost free. They give you $5 credit for keeping your old 021 (Vodafone) or 027 (Telecom) number. Texts are 9c each, calls are 22c a minute to land lines and 022 numbers- but how are you to know who is 2 degrees and who is the competition if they have kept their old numbers? On Telecom and Vodafone prepay it’s 89c per minute, and 20c per txt- way more expensive! $30 for a sim card with them too.

The $2 simcards would be a great idea for you because the plans on the network (called 2 degrees) are incredi-cheap, for NZ anyway.
Texts are 9c each (to any NZ mobile, and overseas) and calling is 44c per minute.

The numbers you are given will look like 022 xxx xxxx. If you would be texting numbers in NZ with the 2degrees simcard you don’t need the +64 in front of the number. But if you are texting overseas you will need the area code for that country.
If you’re going to be roaming with telstra then you probably should use the +64, which would take the place of the first digit of the phone number in nz.
the number 027 351 4122 would be:

2deg(or any NZ bought simcard): 027 351 4122
telstra: +6427 351 4122

Hope that made some sense lol.

When all fails, run up to a stranger while crying and ask to use their cell phone. And don’t forget to stress the fact that it is a dire emergancy.

I found out today that my service has been deactivated and I have to get a new sim card anyway (which means new mobile number?). So should I just wait till I am in NZ then get a sim card? (where from? they won’t have telstra places in NZ would they?)

There are three providers in NZ.
-Telecom NZ
-2 Degrees

No Telstra and no Optus. I know that Vodafone Australia will work on the NZ Vodafone network.

They doubled their price between the time I had their page open and when you posted. I just looked at their page now and it says 44c not 22c, except it is not just 022s it is for all cellphones and landlines. At least it is still half the rate of the competition. They had said the 22c calling was a reward for lots of people joining two degrees- it’s a pity that rate didn’t continue as well.

Thanks guys, I’ll be buying a sim card as soon as I get out of this cafe… :slight_smile: