Using Blue Loctite on crank bolts

Changed crank arms for the first time ever the other day. Read lots about it.

Most folks, from what I read, don’t mess with Loctite on crank bolts. I’m new to this Loctite stuff, but it allegedly works, and works well. I get not using Red Loctite on bolts, but is there any downside to using the Blue Loctite? All I can see is it potentially saves bad things from happening to crank arms.


Based on my experience and problems riders post online, loosening of ISIS crank bolts does not seem to be a problem that needs loctite. They simply do not seem to work loose over time.

I have had to re-tighten crank bolts on cotterless square axles quite often but that seems due to the gradual wear of the interface and not due to the backing off of the actual bolt. Loctite would not help here either.


Much appreciated. Also to note, I hand tightened these without a torque wrench. Just got them as tight as I could without going full gorilla.

Loctite on crank bolts? If anything I put grease on mine to keep them from seizing and to allow a full tightening.


Yeah I lightly greased mine too.

Put a solid wooden backing under one side and belt the other side with a big hammer through a wooden block. This swages the aluminium crank to the axle.

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Aye, on the grease, also.
I just recently changed tires and fixed a spoke.

I don’t measure the torque that I apply.
I use a typical 2 in 1(crank puller and 8mm hex drive) which has about a 6 inch handle for leverage.
I hold the tire in one hand and just pull the wrench towards my body.
That’s all and then I will check again after a ride or two.

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