usine v-brakes with magura brake mounts?

is there a way?


thank you sir <tips hat>

There is also ZHI at Trialsin
ZHI Magura to V-brake adaptor
And similar adapters from other trials bike companies. Email some of the online trials bike shops and see what they suggest.

It doesn’t look like the one at UDC UK will position the post in the correct spot? I think the post needs to be below the lower Magura bolt mount and the adapter at UDC looks like it positions the post right at the same height as the lower Magura bolt mount. Could be just the angle of the photo.

thank YOU sir <re-tips hat>

I have the UDC ones on my KH 29 and they work fine. Not that I ever use the brake…

They bolt into the bottom hole from memory.

The only thing I would say is that they don’t work on Nimbus 36ers as the brake link cable fouls the frame spars.

I was thinking of the custom adapter someone made to put a 26x3 wheel in a KH 29er frame. In that case the brake adapter needed to be moved down.

The ones that convert a Magura trials mount to a V-brake mount don’t need to lower the brake position like that. The V-brake post will end up positioned over the lower bolt hole.

V-Brake Adaptor

I was the one who originally posted the Mission 4 bolt adaptors. I am happy to see that UDC uk started supplying them. I bought them way before UDC uk was selling them. After using them for about a year and a half now I have the folowing to say about them.

They are big and clumsy and torke is increased. I would not use them on a MUni. I have kept them on my KH29 where I do gentle feathering of the breaks on downhill sections of road. They are perfect here. Also I very rarely fall on the KH29 when doing cross country and road riding.

In MUni they get hit a lot and I have had the post break in the holes. It is then a bitch trying to get it out! I would use Maguras for hard MUni. There is also a 2 bolt adaptor made by Woodman that sells for $50 that would probably be better. However if yuo are going to spend so much money you might as well just get the Magura!