Useful skills and tricks to learn?

Good afternoon, my fellow one-wheeled anomalies.
I learned to unicycle almost 3 years ago. About a year ago, I learned to free mount. In the last couple months I learned to idle. I am almost able to successfully ride backwards now. I am wondering if you guys have recommendations for what other sorts of skills or tricks might be useful or fun to learn next? Thanks for anything!

Hi there,

if you are interested in muni, you could look here:

for everything around street / flat:

From what you write, it might be time to start hopping.

Greetings, Kai


I agree with hopping. Get you over bigger dips on trails. Get up curbs without dismounting. Quickly reposition on a botched freemount.

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Riding seat in front, and eventually SIF hopping.

One foot riding

Wheel Walk, and eventually gliding, which is quite difficult but one of the best feelings you get on a unicycle.

Riding in a circle, or figure 8, both clockwise and anti-clockwise. This one might seem silly, but it really puts your level of comfort and control in check, especially when doing smaller radius.


Posting / Riding with weight on your arm.

It’s not complicated or fancy, but I think its the skill that separates riding around on flat ground from hopping around streets or coasting or comfortably riding trails.

I may be stating the obvious to some but I’ve noticed some riders don’t seem to naturally stumble on the skill.

(I don’t mean completely holding yourself up, but the more weight that’s on your arm, the less is on your legs)