used uni

want to buy used uni,must have geared hub,must have KH stuff in new condition,no scratches on pedals,and no scratches on seat handles,I can pay paypal up to 40 dollars,please should be 09 stuff only,with riding gear and free shipping would be great,please fell free to email me.


im kiddin haha,this is just some of the trading post stuff I read,I want this,i want that but cheap,its used so its like 75%off value,even if its mint?auggh,IM SORRY just venting

Hi, I have the 2010 KH 26" with a titanium geared hub, a disc brake, and a handlebar. You don’t have to worry about scratches on the seat handle or pedals, I just replaced the original handle with a right and left handed reeder. At the same time. And the pedals I replaced with magnesium body titanium spindle ones. I will let this go for no less than $7.50. Oh, and I also replaced the KH frame with one of the original Triton Frames. Pure titanium. If it is too much, the price is negotiable.

Lol! Priceless!
Dude, what u said is so true.


julia b I can give ya $3.00 for it,it is used so,just PM if intersted LOL or i will pay .26 cents for the frame if you want to sell it for parts