Used Trial Uni

Hey, I’m looking for a good trial unicycle( 20"). Does anyone have one for sale here in western canada(perferrably alberta)?

You may know this already, but I’ve found a few of bike shops who tell me that they can get me a new KH 20" for $320 canadian. That’s a way better price than on I gotta wait till after christmas just in case there’s one under the tree.
As another alternative, since you’re in Alberta, talk to Chris Taylor of the Edmonton Unicycle Club. If you go to that site, and click on “Shop”, he has an email address and phone number at the bottom of the page. He may be able to connect you with a used unicycle or even a good deal on a new one.

I’m pretty sure Darren Bedford does that for $300, or maybe 320, but that’s after tax

he also has another trials one for like $275 with an alex rim/luna tire

Wow it seems like Darren Bedford is the man to see for absolutely everything related to unicycling. Everywhere I go I see “talk to Darren”.
Good to see people around who can be that helpful.

Yes most definately talk to Darren. He’ll hook you up quick and easy.