Used Koxx-One and Impact Saddles

1 * Koxx-One saddle $10
2 * Flattened Impact Nomi saddles (most comfortable saddles I have owned so far):

  • With home made aluminum T6061 stiffen plate and bar end/brake adapter (front bumper cut): $40
  • No modification except flattening: $20

Prefer local pick up. Fremont, California, US

is the modification meant for distance riding? Im interested and can do local pick up. My email is

The modification improves comfort for distance riding/short excursion/muni/trial. Just emailed you. Thanks.

If it doesn’t work out w/ Nate I’d be happy to snag both. Although I’m interested in how you modified the seat to make it flat?

Just to clarify, I am selling 3 saddles. 1 Koxx-One, 1 flattened Impact, and 1 flattend Impact with stiffen plate/bar end and brake adapter.

Link for flattening saddles: The world’s second best unicycle seat (for tightwads) - Unicycles and Equipment -

I messaged you about the Saddles if your willing to ship to Washington state

Nathan is coming to pick up some of the saddles on weekend. I will update you and Coloradocolby.

All three saddles sold. Thanks!

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