Used KH20 2007 Street/trials Uni

Im going to be selling it on ebay soon. once i get very thing ready i well put a link later to ebay. ill be asking $350 Canadian.

I can post more pictures later if you want


Upgrading or quiting?

This is Wesley from BC? I think I remember you from youtube, anyone, you are a skilled trials rider, I hope you don’t quit. :slight_smile:


Thanks Isaac no im not quiting.

Its all stock parts

-Rim: New Kris Holm 19” Trials rim, 36 hole, 47mm wide, with eyelets for extra strength.

-Weight: 5.7 kg (12 lbs)

-Minimun pedal-saddle distance: 65 cm (26 inches)

-Color: dark blue with high-durability, glossy clearcoat, laser-etched logo

-Frame:7005 T6 Aluminium frame

-Hub: KH Moment ISIS hub

-Cranks: KH Moment 7075 Aluminum cranks(137mm)

-Pedals: Jim Cielencki pedals

-Saddle: Kris Holm Fusion Street gel saddle with front lift handle and removable cover.

-Seatpost: Alloy 27.2 x 300mm bolt-on style

-Tire: 19 x 2.50 Maxxis Creepy Crawler trials, black with schraeder valve, 20-inch inner tube and rim tape

-Spokes: New Black stainless steel 13G with nipple eyelets to make a stronger wheel

-Seatpost clamp: Single-bolt, aluminium Odyssey clamp.

-Cycle Weight: 12 lbs