used 20"?

hi, im looking for a used 20" trials i dont care about the hub and cranks. ( ill be buying new ones) just as long as its in good condition and fairly cheap :slight_smile:


many people say that rebuilding a wheel with an old rim will severely weaken it, so you may want to consider buying a new rim and spokes. also, it may be better to buy a new tire, rather than a used one with the tread worn down. just my two cents.

Those are good two cents.

The other thing is you say you want a trials unicycle to put a new hub and cranks in. Meaning you’ll be useing the same rim, spokes, frame and seat. If you go to you can buy spokes you put in the type of rim and hub because the different combos need differen spoke length. So you should by new spokes too.

i shall take that into consideration :slight_smile: . but does anyone have a 20" they want to sell ? :frowning:

i’ve got a 20" wheelset for sale it’s a monty rim, suzue hub, bike euro cranks, in decent condition.

how much you want for it? :thinking:

drewation check you pms

same to you :roll_eyes: